ISE 2023

Pavilion with plenty of ISE exhibitors stands

The expo reported over 58,000 unique attendees this year – 33% higher than in 2022, but still not as many as 81,628 visitors in 2019 in Amsterdam.

It was great to meet our clients at the show.

Customer ioversal was showcasing Vortex, their hardware-independent platform for design and management of AV installations for museums, theme parks, and shows. Stage Precision has announced Space Composer, a new tool “designed for graphics layering in augmented reality and 2D real-time motion graphics environments”.

Green Hippo, a tvONE brand, exhibited with their powerful Hippotizer media servers as well as latest design and mapping techniques used on installations and live events worldwide. Vioso presented its latest software solution to manage complex multi-projection setups featuring automatic calibration of various kinds of projection setups, including domes, VR, simulators, and projection mapping projects. Along with the launch of its new 4K22-HS laser projector, Christie was exhibiting with Pandoras Box® Version 8, its award-winning media and show control platform.

Customer multiCAM was there with their automated video production solutions featuring signature user-friendly control panels – leveraging AI to guarantee the best camera angles. Vector3 (part of NRDmultimedia) presented their new range of leading playout and live studio solutions.

Finally, customer ENCO has had their debut at ISE and won the Best of Show award from Sound & Video Contractor for enCaption, their AI-enhanced automated captioning and transcription solution, which was recognized for how its machine learning capability delivers accurate captioning at extremely low latencies. Also, soon after their acquisition of RUSHWORKS (another long-time customer), ENCO won the Best of Show Award from AV Technology for PTX Model 3 PRO – a pan/tilt head that fits almost any camera, from Blackmagic’s Micro Studio Camera 4K to larger models by Canon, Red, or Sony.