Commercial licensing for our video transport solution

Our video transport service is ready for commercial licensing. This post explains in detail, how our licensing and pricing work.

Premium features

The free version of the product will still be available, but some existing and potentially new features will only be available in the paid version:

  • Premium TURN server support. In some networks a TURN server is required in order for the connection to work. The free version will have limited support for this feature: quality may be limited, and our logo will be displayed on top of the video stream.
  • Alpha channel support. Some clients have told us (and one of them has tried it in a recent case study) that they only want to transfer their fill & key—we’ve moved this to the paid version of the service.
  • Connecting more than one Receiver to one Publisher or receiving with one Receiver from more than one Publisher. In most situations we anticipate customers to use our product as a point-to-point video transport, but more sophisticated scenarios are also possible.

Future features like PTZ cams control will be available in the paid version only.

Per channel licensing

Having spoken with multiple clients, we decided to start with something very simple and license the product on a per channel per month basis.

What does one channel mean exactly? For example, if you license 2 channels, it means you can concurrently run up to 2 Publishers and 2 Receivers — regardless of how they are connected to each other. You can have one Publisher streaming to 2 Receivers or 2 Publishers streaming to 2 Receivers — it doesn’t matter.

Today’s fee for 1 channel for 1 month is $150.

Medialooks at NAB Show 2018

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