Video SDK roadmap for Q1 2024


The latest development build introduced several significant enhancements:

  • A feature that allows the enabling and disabling of debug logs during production use, eliminating the need to restart the environment for log collection.
  • Support for the yuv420p pixel format in the DV video encoder.
  • The introduction of DVB subtitles transwrapping, supporting video and audio conversion.
  • Numerous stability enhancements.
  • Addition of the 'start_timecode' property for MFRenderer/MRendererClass.
  • Implementation of cursor movement events for MFPreview/MPreview.
  • Correction of inaccurate LUFS values following audio normalization.
  • Resolution of incorrect color correction during file transcoding.
  • A fix for the green screen issue encountered with Windows Graphics Capture.
  • Improvement in SCTE-104 detection on AJA boards.
  • Correction for the FilePosSetTC issue in files where the start timecode does not equal 00:00:00:00.
  • Addressing an issue with incorrect seeking by the NVIDIA decoder during 1080@25p conversion.

Ongoing updates include:

  • Encoding for Multiple Program Transport Stream (MPTS).
  • WebRTC 2.0 enhancements, focusing on two main areas: updating the outdated signalling server and adding "one-to-many" streaming capabilities.
  • Real-time encoding and insertion of DVB subtitles from SDI or text sources.

In the pipeline:

  • Integration of Nvidia’s GPUDirect for Video, which offers efficiency improvements by reducing memory copy operations in “gpu_pipeline = true” mode. This exploration will extend to related SDKs within the same technology family, such as the MAXINE Video Effects SDK. This SDK provides access to AI-driven features like background alteration, artifact reduction, content upscaling, and noise removal.