From Broadcast to Streaming, TECLA and DELTACAST Collaborate to Deliver Cutting-Edge Solutions

From Broadcast to Streaming, TECLA and DELTACAST Collaborate  to Deliver Cutting-Edge Solutions
Photo by Frederic Köberl / Unsplash

TECLA offers a wide range of broadcast and media services, including custom software development, integration tools, consulting, project management, training, and support for media companies. They also provide digitalization and archiving services, and have strong industry partnerships. Their Dynamo TV suite is cost-effective, modular software for multi-channel TV management, playout, and ingest. It includes tools for playlist preparation, quality control, metadata management, graphics editing, playout automation, and live pass-through, catering to traditional broadcasters, IPTV, Cloud playout, and Web TV with support for various formats.

Reliable SDI capture and playout

TECLA undertook a significant project for RAI, the Italian public broadcasting corporation. This project was of particular importance because it required advanced technical capabilities to meet the specific needs of the broadcaster.

At the heart of this initiative was the integration of DELTACAST SDI video I/O cards, a decision that proved crucial for the project's success. One of the major requirements of this project was 4K HDR broadcasting, delivering exceptional visual quality for an unmatched viewer experience. Additionally, the project called for support for quad SDI inputs and compatibility with AVC Intra codecs known for their superior video compression quality.

These demanding technical specifications presented a real challenge, but DELTACAST cards proved at that time to be the only ones on the market capable of reliably and effectively meeting these requirements.

Hardware passive bypass: Uninterrupted Signal

TECLA embarked on another significant project, this time focused on a dedicated live football match streaming platform. One of the major challenges of this project was real-time integration of commercial blocks into the live streaming flow. Furthermore, the client had a crucial demand: to maintain the live match signal even in the event of application or server failure.

This is where DELTACAST cards equipped with a bypass relay played an essential role. Thanks to this feature, TECLA was able to ensure signal continuity regardless of unforeseen circumstances, thus providing an uninterrupted viewing experience for passionate football fans.

Medialooks as video SDK

In order to deliver solutions quickly and stay focused on customers’ business requirements, TECLA selected the Video SDK from Medialooks as its foundation for product development. ”Native support of DELTACAST cards in the Medialooks SDK provides our developers an easy way to integrate DELTACAST cards into our applications,” explains Emanuele Porfiri, Solutions Architect at Tecla Systems. In addition to I/O, the SDK also provides software technology for playout automation, ingest, transcoding, graphics and contribution.

In conclusion, TECLA and DELTACAST have successfully collaborated to tackle complex technical challenges, providing RAI and other clients with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise to meet the highest demands of the live broadcasting and broadcasting industry. This collaboration perfectly illustrates DELTACAST's commitment to delivering superior solutions and adapting to the evolving needs of its clients.

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