A remote guest interview solution.
A tool for virtual production.

Professionally produce live interviews or virtual conferences with up to 8 remote participants.

Video Transport is a remote contribution app for Windows that allows video production teams to connect with remote guests, experts and panelists in order to produce virtual events. It bridges the flexibility of a professional video production solution with the simplicity of web-based video conferencing tools.

Event production companies, TV stations and content creators use Video Transport to remotely produce corporate keynotes, live events and TV shows when it is not possible, too expensive or just not necessary for everyone to be present in the same location.

Typical contributors are: an executive making a keynote for the company's annual meeting, a commentator taking part in a live sports production, an expert or celebrity invited for an interview or panel discussion.
You are in control
Remotely adjust the guest's video & audio streaming settings: select camera and microphone, set resolution and bitrate, turn the mic on or off.

Choose the quality and content of the low latency return feed that is being sent to remote contributors.
Key features
  • 1
    Guests can connect via a browser (including mobile devices).
  • 2
    Integrates seamlessly with both NDI® and SDI workflows.
  • 3
    Supports automatic mix-minus for up to 8 remote guests.
How it works
With Video Transport (received by the Video Transport instance in the studio) video feeds from remote contributors are instantly delivered to a central location, where they are fed into a production switcher or video recording solution (switched during a live production or captured for editing later).

Once connected, you – as a technical director – have access to everyone's individual video and audio feeds. Using your preferred vision mixer you can switch the show as if you were working with local video feeds. For instance, you can compose a multiview with specific guest feeds and send it back to all remote participants as a low latency return feed.

This kind of production quality is simply not achievable with conventional web conferencing solutions.