Character Generator (CG)

The powerful engine for static or animated overlay of text and graphics over a video stream. This product targets multimedia application developers and broadcast professionals.
* A trial version of this plugin is included in the MFormats and MPlatform SDK.

Use cases

Key Features

Use as Video SDK plugin that can be added to any object in order to overlay the output stream with text or graphics. Develop your own use case by directly programming the CG COM object from your application. This technology is available to developers in C#, VB.NET, and Delphi.

  • Generic interface for text, graphics and image overlay items.
  • XML-based configuration.
  • Built-in support for news tickers with automatic file tracking.
  • Compositions support for easier overlay design management, smooth transitions between compositions.
  • Smooth change of item size, position, transparency, background or view area.
  • Optimized item edges for better display on low-resolution devices.
  • Scaling or cropping of input video to squeeze into an overlay scene.
  • Events and callback support (on each frame, on the end of a clip, on the end of a transition).
  • Changes to item properties during playback.
  • Scaling without quality loss.
  • Textures support for text or graphics fill, outline, and background.
  • Grouping of items for complex overlay designs.
  • High-quality vector-based text generation algorithm.
  • Scaling of text without quality loss.
  • Subtitles support (.SRT files).
  • Text effects: Shadow, Glow, Motion Blur, Rotation, etc.
  • Rich text formatting and images within text items.

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