When tasked with professionally producing a virtual conference, video production teams are never satisfied with traditional platforms such as Zoom – simply because they don't offer enough control over the creative process.

In this featured case study, Adrenaline Films brought in 8 remote participants via Video Transport, integrated their video feeds into an SDI workflow and was able to switch the video conference like a TV show.
Adrenaline Films case study
Based out of Orlando, Florida, Adrenaline Films is a video production company that provides video production and post-production services to major organizations such as Universal Orlando Resort, CNN, NBC, Fox News, Amazon and Siemens.
In order to produce an annual meeting for a high-end computer company, Adrenaline Films needed a contribution solution that was higher quality than Zoom and could easily be brought out via SDI and switched in a physical switcher.
  • There were up to 8 remote participants contributing from various parts of the world. Additionally, there was a Zoom conference running in parallel, with 8 more participants, who also needed to be part of the production, but not in broadcast quality.
Video Transport was deployed as the remote contribution solution for the primary participants, who were provided with computers, cameras, lighting kits and green screens in order for the feeds to be of proper quality. These independent video feeds were output via SDI and routed into a Blackmagic ATEM switcher; they were also sent to HyperDeck Studio recorders to be ISO recorded for later editing.

Each feed could be keyed over individual graphics and returned back to the speaker via the VT Guest Link. Also, a nine-split multiviewer was set up that also integrated the Zoom contributors – this allowed participants on the VT web links to see the people on Zoom and talk to them. The output of the ATEM switcher was fed to a Blackmagic Web Presenter, which showed up as a webcam in Zoom.

The built-in mix-minus feature in Video Transport was used to provide each participant with an individual audio mix:
  • We only had to create two mix-minuses between two groups connected over VT and Zoom instead of 9 audio feeds. The rest of the job to create individual mix-minuses for each guest was automatically handled by VT.
As initially required, Video Transport allowed Adrenaline Films to run this production through a hardware SDI switcher, which was convenient and provided the flexibility needed to run the show professionally.

  • Cost savings—compared to hiring local talent.
  • Flexibility—allowing to scout for talent throughout the country as well as cover programming for different time zones.
  • It gives us the ability to accomplish this in a simple, cost-effective way. And it works! The quality is very good, and, at the same time, the technology is very affordable. And all of these things have helped us out because any start-up has to be very conscious of money and budget.
Due to the built-in mix-minus feature, it was easy to set up audio routing (only 2 needed to be created) – the rest was handled automatically within VT.

Using Video Transport, the company achieved:

  • A true video conferencing experience: all parties had two-way audio and video interactions.
  • Technical and creative flexibility: the team ran this production as if it were a television show.
  • Cost savings: Video Transport proved to be cost-effective compared to competing solutions.

You are able to provide high quality, reliable transport at a cost that our customers can afford, and it's equally balanced between cost and capabilities.

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