VT Server targets corporate customers

VT Server targets corporate customers

Our current implementation of Video Transport is most commonly used by clients as a “quick glue” — the fastest way to connect two ad-hoc locations with minimum investment of time and hardware. Here’s a great example of how Twitch recently produced an event out of two venues.

At NAB Show this year we will unveil VT Server, that targets customers — such as large video production studios or TV stations — who need to set up regular or permanent video transport links between multiple locations and manage them from the cloud.

The key benefits of the solution are:

  • UI-less components are run on end points with automatic recovery procedures in place.
  • Because the locations are permanent, it is possible to set up quality Internet connections to make sure that video quality is not affected by the public Internet.
  • All sources are managed from one place — a web-based UI located either in the cloud or on premise.

As with our original transport technology, the new product features ultra-low latency, broadcast quality and NAT traversal (the ability to work over the public Internet). The new user experience, however, targets larger deployments, when multiple channels have to be consistently managed through several locations.

Configuring a new connection.

We will be demoing this solution at NAB Show at booth SL5616, NewTek NDI Pavilion.

Getting early access

If you are ready to give it a try, please let us know by reaching out to us via this page.

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