The video SDK roadmap for Q1 2020

The video SDK roadmap for Q1 2020

Last year we released 3 major versions of our video SDK with new features and fixes to help you move your business forward. Similarly, this year we also plan 3 major releases with public beta versions in between. This post highlights our plans for the nearest future.

Right now

Our team is working on several major updates to the SDK:

  • Refactoring of the Decklink API integration. This will provide users of Blackmagic Design devices better performance, reliability and lower propagation delay.
  • Multiple-destination encoding. With this new feature, you can send the same stream to two or more servers (such as via RTMP or UDP) while simultaneously recording to a local file—all of this via just one encoding process.
  • A new mode for decoding and encoding video: mfcodecs. This is a new video pipeline, designed from scratch: it is simpler, newer and easier to maintain—meaning that we will come back to you with fixes and updates quicker. We expect greater reliability with this new mode.

These improvements will be available in a beta version at the beginning of February.


Some of the other improvements we will be working on:

  • updates for the Character Generator engine;
  • transitions between streams;
  • overall performance in both GPU and CPU modes;
  • GPUDirect support (allows to bypass the CPU entirely with live sources from BMD, AJA and Bluefish);
  • work with live streams in GPU directly;
  • improving the quality and performance of our chroma keying engine.

Once we are done with the most important improvements, we will invest into a new area: SMPTE-2110 compatibility. Most likely, our first step will be adding support for the AJA KONA IP.

To keep in mind…

Our day-to-day goal is to make sure your business is moving forward. Because of this, our development plans are subject to change:

  • If you are facing an issue that blocks your way forward—let us know, so we can adjust priorities.
  • If you need a feature that we have not planned yet—let us know, and we’ll find it if it’s feasible to develop.
  • If you get stuck with development and need assistance — let us know and we’ll review your code or provide you with a dedicated engineer to fast forward your project.

Check in with our Services page for more info.

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