Medialooks brings WebRTC to the professional video market

ISE 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands — February 9, 2016 — Medialooks today announced that several WebRTC-based use cases are now available in its broadcast application development framework, MPlatform SDK.

WebRTC is a new adaptive bit rate streaming technology that is gaining compatibility with most web browsers and handheld devices. “We see reason to believe that adding WebRTC support to professional Windows applications can open new opportunities for OEMs on the broadcast, news, sports and other professional video markets,” — says Andrey Okunev, Medialooks CEO.

With MPlatform SDK today (and MFormats to follow) developers can easily stream audio and video from their desktop application to a remote browser. This makes it possible, for instance, to remotely access and control a video application — with low latency and frame accuracy, which are both critical requirements for video professionals. It is also possible to receive data from a remote browser as well as transmit streams between native Windows applications.

“The Medialooks WebRTC integration gives me goosebumps all over,” — says Robert Strand of Wolftech, one of the early adopters of the technology. “It is one of the most exciting features in the Medialooks’ SDKs we have ever seen: the low latency video streaming together with dynamic bandwidth allocation gives Wolftech the power of Google and Medialooks combined. This will literally open for a whole new set of possibilities for Wolftech! We are very much looking forward to integrate these great possibilities into Wolftech News… Watch out, there will be some new cool features coming up in the near future.”

WebRTC is currently available in MPlatform SDK, the company’s high-end suite for professional video developers. MFormats SDK, the low-level video framework, will be adding WebRTC support in the nearest future.

Medialooks, founded in 2005, provides broadcast customers with software development kits to quickly build playout automation, virtual studio and video capture solutions. Customers include PlayBox Technology, Arvato Systems, Masterplay, Winjay, Etere, Axel Technology, Xeus Media and Wolftech.

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