Video SDK roadmap for Q4 2022

Video SDK roadmap for Q4 2022

The following important improvements were made in the recent release (

  • SCTE-104: triggers insertion fix.
  • DVB: added ability to specify PCR/PTS/DTS start times.
  • DVB: fixed continuity errors with SCTE trigger insertion.
  • UDP: fixed video/audio buffer growth after reconnection.
  • SRT: latency property wrong values fix.
  • SRT: reconnection freeze fix.
  • MPTS: input stream reconnection fix.
  • NVENC encoder: fixed missed frames during file switch.
  • FilePosSet: improved seeking operation speed.
  • MCCDisplay: closed captions vertical align support for CTA-608, vertical and horizontal alignment support for CTA-708.
  • WPF: fixes for different crashes.
  • GPU pipeline: stability and performance updates.
  • Preview: performance refactoring (beta).
  • CEF (HTML5 Overlay): updated to 102.0.5005.0.
  • NDI: updated to 5.5.0.


We will continue refactoring the preview component in order to further improve its performance. We will also work on refactoring the frame creation process.

Our next targets for optimization are: log performance refactoring, texture creation refactoring, and GPU pipeline refactoring.

We also plan to update our FFmpeg build.

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