Video SDK roadmap for Q2 2023

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The following major improvements were made available in the previous release (

  • SCTE и HDR metadata fix.
  • WebCapture high CPU usage fix.
  • GPU pipeline NDI high CPU usage fix.
  • Playlist to playlist transitions added.
  • Playlist set network stream duration fix.
  • CharGen OnEndOfClip event fix.
  • GPU pipeline Nvidia driver crash fix (gpu.copy_on_external_receive property added).
  • Playlist stop in/out values are not valid fix.
  • YouTube update, parser URL fix.

The full release notes can be found here.

The following tasks are in progress:

  • FFmpeg updates to version 6.0.
  • Stabilization performance refactoring changes.
  • Migration from Intel Media SDK to Intel® oneAPI Video Processing Library (oneVPL).
  • Blackmagic ST2110.


  • CG refactoring with multithreading support.
  • Blackmagic GPU direct out.

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