Video SDK plans for Q2 2022

Video SDK plans for Q2 2022

The following major improvements were made available in the previous release (

  • Decoding: increased frame accuracy and a lot of decoding fixes in CPU and GPU modes.
  • Encoding: increased encoding speed.
  • WebRTC: added alpha streaming in GPU pipeline.
  • YouTube: updated source handler.
  • SCTE-35: improvements in video format conversions.
  • Improved WPF stability.
  • Corrected playlist duration in case of Playlist count > 100.
  • NVIDIA decoder: High Profile support.
  • Different memory leak fixes in Mixer, Playlist, MFile/MFReader.

The full release notes can be found here.

The following tasks are in progress:

  • Adding Twitch video handler.
  • Different fixes in HLS encoding.
  • SCTE-35 improvements.
  • GPU decoding and GPU pipeline frame allocation problem fix.

Finally, we are working on a large refactoring task

  • Preview performance improvement.
  • Internal statistics performance improvement.
  • Growing files playback performance improvement.
  • Performance logging & measurement.


We will continue to work on the beta version of the new WebRTC implementation, HLS markers (HLS insertion into m3u8), SCTE-104 insertion, as well as performance refactoring tasks and improvements on different levels of the SDK.

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