Video SDK plans for Q1 2022

The man checks the map

The following major improvements were made available in the previous release (

  • Simultaneous usage for ASIO devices (also referred to as device sharing).
  • Audio control fix for ASIO devices via MAudio properties.
  • A memory leak fix and a fix for the NVDEC color renderer problem for the GPU Pipeline.
  • Source discovery improvements for NDI®.
  • Fixed FPS input issues for BMD.
  • The updated FFmpeg implementation is now the default SRT implementation in the Video SDK.

The full release notes can be found here.

The following tasks are in progress:

  • Fixing playback of YouTube sources (after the platform’s updates).
  • Correct playlist duration in case of playlist count > 100.
  • Adding High Profile support for the NVIDIA decoder.
  • HLS encoding fixes.
  • Fixes for different memory leaks in Mixer, Playlist, MFile and MFReader.
  • SCTE-35 improvements.
  • SCTE-104 insertion.
  • Improving WPF stability.


The highly anticipated implementation of WebRTC 2.0 is our top priority for the next release. Our goal is to include a beta version of the new component in the upcoming release.

Another major initiative is improving performance of the Video SDK, where we plan to start with the preview component, which is the main “performance killer” at this time. This is going to be an extensive exercise in refactoring for our team, involving analysis and changes to both CPU and GPU code.

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