The Video SDK roadmap for Q3 2021

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A new release of the Video SDK is expected in about 2 weeks. Since version 2.5, we have brought a lot of improvements to the SDK:

  • ASIO device integration – so you can use professional sound in your solutions.
  • NDI 5 update – to be up-to-date with one of the most exciting modern technologies.
  • An FFmpeg update – with updates for video encoding and decoding.
  • AMD-based AMF encoding – now, you can use GPUs of all major vendors for encoding (AMD, Nvidia, and Intel).
  • VP8/VP9 alpha channel encoding support – for streaming and graphics overlay solutions.
  • Chroma key updates – it is now faster and more reliable.
  • New logging functionality – you can now monitor your applications with the release versions of our components (debug versions of DLLs are not required anymore).

If you'd like to give these features a try before the release is ready, please request an internal build of the SDK from our support team.


Once this release is done, we plan to shift to the internal stabilization of the SDK. We'll work on the following:

  1. Internal testing optimization – to provide you with SDK builds that are even more reliable than before.
  2. Overall performance optimization – to use less CPU and GPU resources for video processing.
  3. Audio processing – to be sure that audio is properly decoded on the input, correctly processed in between, and accurately encoded on the output.

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